Location - Penzion Starý mlýn


The village Štítary, we live in, is very small, there is not even a shop, but the next village Hostouň is close and you can find all the services there. The mill is in the village and it is not at the same time. It is well hidden and to enter it you have to use a bridge made of stone and iron, which is a technical heritage. When you go for a walk you will reach a church from the 13. century on the Hill of Štítary. The history of the region is even older and the archeological findings you can see in a museum in Domažlice. From the hill is a beautiful view around.

It is great here for cycling or walking. Touristic routes are very well signed (the Czech Republic is famous for it) and the nature is amazing here, specially the woods. This regionis famous by beautiful forests (Protected Area - Český les) and the landscape is nice as well. No factories, only little villages.. the region is a bit forgotten, but you can rest here, it is quiet, rustical sometimes not idylic, the life is though here..but there used to be different times here, the history was walking through, it is not economically interesting, but a history loving people can find here the typical villages of the 19th century, the baroque style is everywhere - the churches, estates or castles - you can find it in nearly every village. Domažlice and Horšovský Týn are historical reservations protected by Unesco. So an ideal place to relax either physically or mentally.

Places of interest:

There are a lot of villages with the typical traditional architecture
- baroqoue houses.
You can also visit the villages around the border www.zanikleobce.cz
- villages disappeared after the war

There are also a lot of monasteries around ( Pivoň, Teplá), castles (Přimda), chateaus (almost in every village, Bor, Tachov, Trhanou) and ruins ( Starý Hernštejn) also the baths are close ( Marianské, Kynžvart)


There is a special biotop located just few meters from the house, more www.CSOPLibosvary.cz . There is a Natural Park Sedmihoří, which is about 20 km far, Valcha and Protected Area Český les. Everywhere you can rely on touristic signs.


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